The Spirit Told is a campaign to increase student awareness of the legacies of alumni of Texas A&M. As the current generation is often fixated on the future, we see a need to look back on the achievements of our predecessors to promote not just recognition, but inspiration for students’ personal goals.
The Spirit Told is a multi-part project, consisting primarily of a social media campaign and a physical pop-up installation in our Memorial Student Center. The installation consists of a pair of two-fold banners, a Snapchat-enabled AR feature, and an interactive "Spirit Board", where students can contribute to the Aggie Spirit by sharing their own values. 
My responsibilities for this project included project management, campaign branding, art direction, and creation and implementation of the AR feature. To create the interactive AR feature, I explored Snapchat Lens Studio, a realtime engine that allows for Snapchat implementation. I designed the video assets in Illustrator, animated them in After Effects, and built the AR effect in Lens Studio. I then published the Lens and added the corresponding Snapcodes to the final printed banners. 
From a user perspective, a user can approach the physical banner, open Snapchat on their phone, scan the yellow Snapcode, and temporarily enable the lens. Then, they can step back and watch their screen as the Lens brings the banner to life before their eyes. 
Experience Video
Video of the interactive Snapchat experience as the user sees and hears it. 
Installation Photos
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