In 2019, we celebrated Chillennium's fifth annual game jam. After breaking the record and earning the title of the world's largest student-run game jam in 2017, the focus of the executive committee turned to drawing more students from outside our home base of Texas A&M University. However, due to the nature of being student-run, our online presence lacked the consistency in both visuals and brand voice to grow further. Going into our 5-year anniversary, we wanted to establish a consistent look and feel for our social media content, to create brand recognition beyond the Texas A&M community. 
Below are examples of our social media posts, designed and written by me. Our content is mostly focused on bolstering recruitment of participants by featuring photos from past jams with catchy captions, spotlighting mentors from renowned studios who will be attending the jam, and sharing different perks and free licenses available to participants. 
In order to establish a consistent visual identity, I created a series of templates for social media graphics based on this year's branding, allowing me to easily create a variety of content for our different needs, while maintaining a recognizable look and feel. I further supported this idea by creating a Lightroom preset for all of our photos, pulling out the cyan and magenta tones of the images in order to match our brand colors. 
By relaying our posts across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we broadened the reach of our messages. As Facebook garnered our largest engagement rates, we also tested the results of paid media to increase our visibility outside of Texas A&M students. Additionally, we partnered with various companies, such as Insomniac Games, to have our mentor spotlight posts re-shared through their own company channels, in order to reach an even wider audience of student game developers. 
Content Redesign
Before & After content redesign for increased visual brand consistency & recognition
Content Design Examples:
Left: our basic template for graphic posts | Right: our Lightroom preset for photos
Copywriting Examples:
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