Aggieland Outfitters has been providing Texas A&M University merchandise to Aggies for over two decades. As a Graphic Designer, I support the company through a variety of design tasks, from apparel design to marketing design. Below are examples of my work. 
My Apparel & Merchandise duties challenge me to create compelling an stylish merchandise that appeals to a wide variety of Aggie audiences. I design t-shirts, hats, stickers, home decor, and any other type of merchandise that fills our business needs. As we are a licensed vendor of Texas A&M University merchandise, it's important to follow TAMU's licensed vendor guidelines when dealing with trademarks and copyrighted brand elements.
My Marketing duties include designing, building, and managing email flows and campaigns in order to drive online sales. Originally, I built our emails in Mailchimp, but we've since switched to Klaviyo. My goal is to improve the visuals of our emails in order to increase engagement via click-through rates. It's important to keep aspects of our emails consistent, in order to create recognition for the Aggieland Outfitters brand. However, it's also important to create visual diversity in our email designs in order to drive engagement and ensure that the reader doesn't mistake multiple emails as the same content. I also design the layout of our new blog content, through which I aim to help the reader absorb information quickly and find the mentioned products easily. 
Email Campaigns:
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